Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I finished painting the Proteus this past weekend. 1 can (3 coats) of primer followed by 1 can (3 coats of color) chased with 1 1/2 cans (4 coats of clear). The paint I used is called "Dupli-Color," which is automotive lacquer you can get at any big auto parts chain (e.g. Pepboys). If I had to do it again, I think I'd use a different brand--this stuff was real hard to get an even coat out of--it seemed like the spray never came out evenly until you get 1/2-way through a can, no matter how much I shook it. I've read on other blogs that cheap Rustoleum or Krylon actually work better and are more durable--but the color selection is not as good. All the Rustoleum and Krylon I saw in stores were real basic colors you'd use to paint patio furniture. Anyways--here's some pics:

This last one is a shot of the ding I bondo'd over. It came out pretty good--not perfect, but good enough. If the light hits the tube at the right angle you can see where it's been repaired, but you really have to look hard.

That's it. I thought about painting the lug windows/cutouts, but now that the clear's already on, I'll probably skip it. Or maybe later...Erika said she'd do it for me and she's got a steadier artist's hand than myself. I also may get some decals done for it to match the originals--depends on how much they cost.

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